The Japanese Rope Skipping Federation (JRSF) is the Japanese branch of FISAC-IRSF, conducting qualifying competitions for the Asian and World Rope Skipping Championships in order to strengthen ties with the world. In addition, JRSF strives to achieve such objectives as conducting a wide variety of rope skipping research, development and promotion, trying to establish rope skipping as a lifelong sport, and contributing to health
enhancement of the people.

JRSF conducts the following:

1. Training and dispatch of athletes to the Asian & World Rope Skipping Championships
2. Hosting regular practice sessions, workshops, camps, and competitions
(i.e.”All Japan Rope Skipping Championships” and “Go Go Jump!!”)
3. Training and dispatch of instructors and judges (including an official rope skipping judge and instructor certification licensing program)
4. Promoting rope skipping
5. Conduting rope skipping surveys and reseach
6. Publication of rope skipping books, videos, and other forms of media
(i.e. newsletter)
7. Selling jump ropes and other rope skipping goods
8. Conduting activities necessary for achieving the preceding goals

For further information about JRSF, please contact Ms. Janet Locke.

Janet Locke
JRSF Secretary General
JRSF International Relations Liaison
E-mail: janet@jrsf.jp